Remove SkyDrive / OneDrive for Business 2013 from File Open and Save Pages

If users of yours environment want to disable new file open and save pages but want to remove SkyDrive / OneDrive for Business 2013 option from these pages.This can be done by disabling “Show additional places for saving, even if sign-in may be required” option. It’ll remove SkyDrive / OneDrive for Business 2013 option from file open and save pages.

Save as


You can also set your local computer as default file save location by enabling “Save to Computer by default” option.




Why should Small Businesses / Startups look for Cloud Computing to Run their Business??

Cloud Solutions offers benefits to companies with any size of business . Be it an organization with 2 people or 200 people .

Question is who can reap more by adopting this to the environment. The answer would be smaller and newer company . The Primary reason would be the reasons for small businesses / startup to opt cloud-based solutions is to get the benefits of big business infrastructure, without having to implement and manage it internally.

Cloud based solutions enables organizations to access services and servers hosted in a enterprise class data center and maintained by the Cloud Service Provider . Companies are finding the many attractions of cloud computing which is very interesting. I would like to add few here .

Cloud Solutions can improve employee productivity – The users can access the services from anywhere . This enables the employees to access documents, emails and applications while they are even away from the office.

This reduces upfront costs/Investment of Hardware & Software – Choosing a cloud-based solution for email, document sharing, web conferencing and CRM reduces the upfront cost associated with starting / running the business. There are no hardwares to buy to setup your infrastructure . This cloud-based model also allows businesses to easily enhance or reduce their use of cloud services according to their needs.

Adoption of cloud service is easy – Best part is no need to install new hardware or software; no IT administration . It is often seamless to the user and No training is required specific to the technology for managing it .

It is secure – Cloud computing can be more secure than a traditional IT infrastructure. Cloud computing covers many of the issues blamed on – security, integration, compliance and so on – often cause fewer problems in small companies that can’t properly deal with them anyway.

Please feel free to get in touch with me in-case if you need any sort of consultancy on adopting cloud services to your environment .