Deployment Guide for the System Center 2016 – Service Manager Exchange Connector

System Center Service Manager Exchange Connector connects Service Manager to Exchange Server to process incoming email messages that are related to work items. After you configure Exchange Connector to monitor Exchange mailboxes, it can be used to create and update work items that are based on templates that are specified by a Service Manager administrator. Administrators can specify special keywords to search for in the incoming email messages, so that Exchange Connector can approve or reject review activities, or enable activity implementers to mark activities that are assigned to them as completed.

I had a hard time getting the Service Manager Exchange Connector working in the ongoing project so thought of writing the steps followed finally to get it working.

System Center 2016 – Service Manager require the Connector 3.1 for Exchange to connect with Server. Folks can download the installer from the below url Download Link

Let’s look at the Prerequisites

Exchange Web Services Managed API Client DLL (Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.dll) is required for the Exchange Connector. You can download it from Exchange Web Services Managed API 1.2.1. Download Link

Upon completion please follow this installation steps.

Please run the self-extracting file containing the installation files, System_Center_Service_Manager_Connector_3.1_for_Exchange.exe, you are prompted to extract the installation files to a default folder. The default location is InstallationDrive:/System_Center_Service_Manager_Connector_3.1_for_Exchange/.

Run the Setup file. After you ‘ve installed the Exchange Connector, copy the DLL files,

Microsoft.SystemCenter.ExchangeConnector.dll and Microsoft.SystemCenter.ExchangeConnector.resources.dll, to your Service Manager installation folder.

Import the ServiceManager.ExchangeConnector.mpb to the management server. This imports the following two management packs:




Copy Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.dll to the Service Manager management server from the Service Manager installation folder.

If you need to use account impersonation for the Run As account that Exchange Connector will use, run the following command in Windows PowerShell.

New-ManagementRoleAssignment -Name:AdminImpersonateAll -Role:ApplicationImpersonation -User SCSMWorkflow

Next Step is to Configure the Exchange Connector , Use the following procedure to configure the connector.

Open the Service Manager console and navigate to Administration, Connectors.
Click Create Connector, and then, in the Task pane, click Exchange.
In the Create Exchange Connector wizard, follow the Screen Instructions

Testing the Connector

To test the Exchange Connector, send an email message to the Exchange Connector email address. It should be converted into a new work item and the specified template should be applied. Send another email message to the same address and put the newly created work item’s ID in the subject line.

The work item ID must be enclosed in square brackets. For example, [IR1234] works, but IR1234 does not work.

The work item should be updated. Test other scenarios by sending email messages with various work item IDs in the subject, enclosed in square brackets, and using different keywords such as [Resolved], [Approved], and so on, depending on what type of work item you are trying to update and what keywords you configured the connector to look for.